Continuous Contact

For fifty years, MtronPTI has provided high reliability harsh environment timing and frequency control solutions for military applications. The MIL-STD-790 certified Yankton facility has been QPL for Crystals (MIL-PRF-3098) since 1967and has oscillator certification to MIL-PRF-55310. The Orlando facility excels in research and development, recipient of numerous government research grants. This research led to industry leading planar microwave filters, low phase noise oscillators, high vibration resistant oscillators, and low-g sensitivity oscillators.

(Photo credit: Cpl. Timothy L. Solano USMC)


Software defined radio = tunable filters

Radio is shifting architecture away from fixed frequency Ifs to tunables. MtronPTI’s line of digitally tuned filters is perfect to reduce size and lower complexity while insuring performance under the harshest conditions. And low insertion loss insures optimum signal to noise ratio – improved range, increased trust.

Registered in Orlando and Yankton with the U.S. Department of State to export (includes ITAR and EAR), with a MLA (Manufacturing License Agreement) on the India plant and AS9100 Rev C certification for Yankton and Orlando, MtronPTI is the choice of industry leaders in vehicle and soldier communications, command and control, electronic warfare, anti-IED, radar, guided munitions, UAV data links and battlefield situation awareness.