Internet Communications Technology (ICT)

Real time – real life


Right now
MtronPTI high reliability clocks drive your data through the internet. Tweets, photos, videos and chats stream to friends wirelessly across the internet, scheduled along the way by MtronPTI high accuracy, high stability clocks. So your bank statement is current, your cell calls go through, and your social media updates are right now urgent.

Cavities are good
As public safety shifts toward 4G-LTE telecom as the technology of choice, MtronPTI’s UF9193 700 MHz dual band reject cavity filter helps with a mixed design with TM mode dielectric and TEM coaxial resonators to provide high Q and <1 MHz bandwidth (0.15%) in a 20% to 30% smaller package than full dielectric puck designs.

Real life – streaming
High frequency, shock tolerant oven controlled oscillators (OCXOs) provide excellent stability, low noise, and low long term aging for Stratum 3E, IEEE 1588 and Sync-E timing – the invisible heartbeat driving your music, social updates and videos around the world. Without missing a beat.