MtronPTI Continues Strategic Investments in Timing Products

March 06, 2014

MtronPTI Continues Strategic Investments in Timing Product Line

Conrad Jordan Named Vice President and Business Center Manager

Orlando, FL, March 6, 2014 – MtronPTI, leader in precision frequency control and custom RF/microwave filters, today announced the appointment of Conrad Jordan as Timing Products Vice President and Business Center Manager.

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MtronPTI Acquires Certain Assets from Trilithic

February 04, 2014

MtronPTI Strengthens RF & Microwave Business through Filter Product Line Acquisition

Expands Client Base and Gains Additional Technologies


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New Short Form Catalog

January 24, 2014

Download your copy of the 2014 MtronPTI Short Form Catalog here.

High reliability, high performance and harsh environment frequency and timing solutions from an international company dedicated to helping you
see more clearly, make the connection every time and keep things flowing smoothly. Since 85% of MtronPTI's shipments are customized to a particular application, use this Short Form Catalog as a beginning and contact MtronPTI with your particular needs.


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Wideband, high power notch filter reduces cosite interference

January 23, 2014

MtronPTI Provides Critical Edge in the Electronic Battlefield

High power GPS notch filters reduce cosite interference from jammers


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Tunables: RF Globalnet #1 download in 2013

December 20, 2013

Orlando, FL - December 19, 2013 - Today RF Globalnet reported MtronPTI's Low Loss Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filter was the Most Downloaded Datasheet in 2013. Once again, MtronPTI would like to thank RF Globalnet and their readers.

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MtronPTI Sharpens Digital Communications Focus

November 20, 2013

Expands industry compatible tuned filter line with models to 1 GHz


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MtronPTI Shrinks Filter for UAV Comm Links

November 06, 2013

Ultra-compact L-band/S-band Filter Diplexer weighs in at 9 grams and 0.2 cu.inches

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Tight stability, ultra-miniature TCXOs in 2.5 x 2.0 mm package

October 16, 2013

MtronPTI Shrinks Size 7x for Wireless Communications Clocks


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RF Globalnet Readers' Choice

October 07, 2013

Orlando, FL - October 7, 2013 - RF, microwave and timing architecture design engineers often visit RF Globalnet to stay current with trends, products and user exeriences. Just as MtronPTI provides custom and standard solutions for high relibility communications and instrumentation, RF Globalnet focuses on anything and everything connected to RF and microwave.

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Shock, Rattle and Roll - Vibration Management in VHF Oscillators

September 19, 2013

This article describes crystal clock typical performance under acceleration and approaches to manage vibration effects. Methods are compared and shortcomings discussed. Intriguing results from a new resonator design are previewed, and a shock test facility is introduced.


(U.S. Army photo)

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