Timing and Spectrum Control Solutions




Harsh environment RF & microwave filters protect us from harm

On land, air or seas we monitor our surroundings and stay in constant contact: safety and mission success are at stake. MtronPTI RF & microwave solutions hold the connection open in challenging environments: a plane filled with passengers – on tablets and smart phones, an ambulance full of life saving equipment, or a battlefield fraught with electronic hazards


High reliability clocks drive your data through the internet

Tweets, photos, videos and chats stream to friends wirelessly across the internet, scheduled along the way by MtronPTI timing controls. Your bank statement stays current, your cell calls go through, and your social media updates are right now urgent


Vertically integrated with complete control of basic material science, design and manufacturing

Based in Orlando, Florida, with design, sales and manufacturing locations in North America, Asia and Europe. One-on-one technical relationships, extensive characterization, and long term application support make MtronPTI the first choice to reduce risk and lower costs on your next system project.

MtronPTI is a wholly owned subsidiary of The LGL Group, Inc. (NYSE:MKT – LGL).

Left photo: Cpl. Boe Trujillo
Afghanistan International Security Assistance Force